History of CEO

It is not too much to say that the success of the Hayato group is based on the experiences acquired from my stay in Japan.

Mr. Hayat in Young Age

From my young age, I had a lot of interest in Japan and in its culture. During my higher education days in Pakistan, I learned a lot about the fascinating development of Japan and the rapid path of economic reconstruction after the World War II. Fortunately, I could get an opportunity to visit Japan in 1987. I lived in Japan for 2 years and I worked there in the field of dry-cleaning service and then worked for a real estate company. This period that I spent in Japan allowed me to learn many things about the Japanese culture: people, economics, services, needs, interests, and so on. That is why I believe that I know enough about the Japanese needs and expectations.

Started Own Business

When I settled in the Netherlands in 1989. I was able to make my own business. I decided to start a project for Japanese community living abroad to show my gratitude to this country which taught me a lot and which opened its doors to me when I was in Japan.

Concept of Japanese Center

Then, the concept of a Japanese Center came to my mind. First, I started a real estate company to help the Japanese people to find houses which are comfortable for them. Later. In 1995. I started a Japanese-style dry cleaning service.

Today Mr. Hayat

Thanks to the warm support of our customers, the group could expand its services beyond the Netherlands to other two European countries, Germany and Belgium. Today, HAYATO GROUP has 4 locations; Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Düsseldorf and Brussels, these locatons represent for example Dry Cleaning, Laundry, Pick up & Delivery service and Housing, Japanese Supermarket, and Beauty Salon. Today I am proud of this project we reached and I will keep working hard to satisfy the customers.